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Utilice la tecnología en el sector financiero para crear una experiencia de usuario perfecta, innovar y ofrecer productos que sus clientes necesitan.

Exceed the expectations of your customer

For banks, insurers, and other financial companies consistent digital journey is a must. Their customers are expecting complex and highly personalized products, but also a frictionless experience.

Fintechs are quickly taking the field where incumbents have been failing. Using emerging technology, they deliver customer-centric products and find new efficiencies.

Why your company needs a digital boost.

When designed and implemented the right way, digital solutions can help you optimize, reconfigure, and innovate your business.

Use data to understand your clients better

Find patterns in the behavior of your customers using machine learning and forecast when they need specific products.

Build financial products your customers want

Use intelligent platforms to replace generic products with a personalized and timely offering.

Create a frictionless omnichannel banking experience

Integrate multiple digital channels and reinvent your customer experience with automation and advanced analytics.

Improve your customer service

Deliver faster and more efficient customer support with robo-advisors, chatbots, and automation assisting human bank workers.

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    Solutions that will move your company forward

    Banks, insurers, and fintech companies grapple with many challenges today. Our experts will help you select the right solution to your needs – and support you in a broad range of areas of fintech product development.

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    Revolutionize your financial product and the way you interact with customers

    Embrace emerging technologies, spot new opportunities, and create financial products your customers need. Build a mobile banking app, widen the range of payment methods, or accelerate loan application processes.

    • Digital banking journey review

      Analyze your existing setup and improve your bank’s digital customer journey. Refine the UX/UI of your apps, websites, and virtual assistants.

    • Digital banking tools development

      Create banking platforms, mobile apps, and other tools that will respond to the specific needs of specific customer segments.

    • Financial processes automation

      Use Machine Learning, NLP, and workflow automation to streamline laborious tasks in your back-office processes and customer support.

    • Team extension

      Insufficient technical resources don’t have to stop your fintech product development. Netguru will support you with both consulting and software development services.

    • Online payments audit

      Use technologies such as blockchain to add another layer of security to your online payments and protect your users’ data.

    • Customer loyalty program development

      Win your customers’ loyalty by providing them with tools such as digital assistants, personal finance management, or product comparison platforms.

    • Insurance offering ideation

      Build insurance products and services that will help your customers discover their coverage gaps, review solutions, and provide flexible policies.

    • New business model discovery

      Use technology to create innovative solutions such as banking-as-a-platform or insurance cloud services.

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