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High-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs

U-Devs is a premier digital agency headquartered in Miami. As a boutique software company, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ranging from innovative startups to established enterprises.

Our Approach

We believe in a client-centric approach, emphasizing collaboration, transparency, and innovation. Our methodology integrates agile practices to deliver flexible and scalable solutions, ensuring your project is on time and within budget.

Custom Software Development

Crafting tailored software solutions that drive business growth and operational efficiency.

Product Creation

From ideation to market launch, we turn visionary ideas into successful digital products.

Design & UX/UI

Creating intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs that enhance user experiences.

Go Live & Deployment

Ensuring seamless deployment and operational success of your digital solutions.

Team Extension

Providing skilled development teams to augment your existing resources, ensuring project scalability and expertise.

I’ve just sent you my details, now what?

Will you help me estimate the cost of my project?

Yes! Our project leaders will work with you to scope out your project and determine a realistic budget. To get the ball rolling, visit the contact section.

How do I start a project?

We believe in a hands-on approach, so every project starts with a conversation. As soon as we receive your details, one of our project leaders will contact you to find out more about your requirements. We will then work with you to determine a budget, potential candidates, and the most suitable team structure. To get the ball rolling, visit the contact section.

How quickly can I start working with a U-Devs?

After we speak on the phone and decide to move forward, it typically takes 1-5 business days to kick off the project in the best-case scenario. For fixed projects, right after the kick-off meeting and the requirement gathering, the project will start. For Staff Augmentation, in most cases, there will be a developer available immediately who has already performed well for a previous U-Devs client. In other cases, we have to source and schedule multiple interviews, which can take longer. Most clients receive a list of proposed candidates within 3-5 business days.

How much do you charge?

We most often work with the best developers in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia. This keeps our rates low while ensuring teams and clients remain in the same time zones – which is key for successful collaboration. Rates vary per developer but typically range between $45 – $65 USD/hour. Our U.S.-based project leaders and designers typically have higher rates. There are no hidden or extra fees.

What type of Projects can I hire U-Devs for?

U-Devs Staff consists of Digital Strategy, Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, and SEO experts. Our minimum project size is 150 hours or $7,500 (approximately one developer for 1 month).

What makes U-Devs different?

We offer 2 different ways to work on your project: 1) Fixed price project: Under this approach, we can work on your project based on your budget; before the start, we make a no-cost estimation of your projects and based on the budget, we can determine the scope of the project. 2) Staff Augmentation: With this approach, you can have a dedicated software developer working for you. Our method allows you to set up a team per demand, which means that you can select the developer based on their skills, seniority (experience), and time availability. Our Project Leaders handle all the projects. They hand-select the most appropriate candidates for your project, so you don’t have to. Developers are selected based on their experience, personality, and location. Finally, you can choose to have your Certified Scrum Master (CSM) team leaders manage your project – saving you time and increasing productivity. We do all this at a surprisingly low cost by combining the best developers from Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico with our U.S based team leaders. Every U-Devs project is run through a time tracker tool that handles staffing, hours tracking, invoicing, and even project management (if you don’t already have your own issue tracker).

How do you screen your developers?

Each applicant is asked to complete timed skills and English language proficiency test. The next stage is an initial interview by one of our internal recruiters, where we examine the candidate’s experience, personality, actual availability, and English communication skills. If the candidate passes the initial interview, they then have a 1-hour technical interview with one of our software architects where they share their screen. They complete a coding exercise relevant to the project they are applying for. Clients can also request that developers complete a coding exercise of their choice, but if this takes longer than 3 hours, we recommend offering to pay for the candidate’s time. Only the best candidates get presented to our clients, so you can work with U-Devs, confident that each developer you work with will be fluent in English and at the top of his field.

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    Our Approach

    At U-Devs, we believe in a client-centric approach, emphasizing collaboration, transparency, and innovation. Our methodology integrates agile practices to deliver flexible and scalable solutions, ensuring your project is on time and within budget.

    Why Choose Us

    • Personalized Service As a boutique agency, we offer a high level of personalized service and attention to detail.
    • Proven Track Record Our extensive experience and successful project deliveries speak volumes about our capabilities.
    • Global Reach With our presence in Miami, Costa Rica, and Mexico, we bring a blend of local expertise and global perspective.

    Endless possibilities & opportunities.

    Due to a stronger portfolio, we can provide you with one of the best software outsourcing and staff augmentation services in the United States at a competitive price.


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