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    Build Your Own Team On-Demand

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    Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that enables you to hire individual candidates that best fit your requirements. It's the smartest way to staff a project when you don’t have enough resources to meet a deadline or need personnel with particular skills to pursue immediate objectives. As your provider, we help you add skilled resources to your in-house development team, taking charge of the whole employment process. You get rid of all the behind-the-scenes effort it takes to process the recruitment and handle employees. Ensure that their internal sed Human Resource systems processes align to their business requirements idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings.

    Key Features


    Scale your team without the high costs and limitations of hiring your own staff


    Various roles available – developers, project managers, quality controllers


    Perfect for long-term engagements on continuous projects


    Ideal for start-ups, agencies or software companies


    Backup developers are available so you are always covered


    Discounts up to 50% in comparison to in house developers

    Key Benefits of the Service

    With Development laboratories in Miami, San Jose (Costa Rica), Mexico City, and Medellin (Colombia) we can cover all your needs with exceptional quality on the site or fully remote based on your needs and budget.

    • Create your own team on-demand
    • Pre Screened Developers
    • Fully fluid in your language
    • Same Timezone
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    Frequent Answers and Question

    What happens if I’m not satisfied with the services provided?

    How much do you charge?

    We most often work with the best developers in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia. This keeps our rates low while ensuring teams and clients remain in the same time zones - which is key for successful collaboration. Rates vary per developer but typically range between $45 - $65 USD/hour. Our U.S.-based project leaders and designers typically have higher rates.

    How quickly can I start working with a U-Devs?

    After we speak on the video call and decide to move forward, it typically takes 1-5 business days to kick off the project in the best-case scenario. For fixed projects, right after the kick-off meeting and the requirement gathering, the project will start. For Staff Augmentation, in most cases, there will be a developer available immediately who has already performed well for a previous U-Devs client. In other cases, we have to source and schedule multiple interviews, which can take longer. Most clients receive a list of proposed candidates within 3-5 business days.