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Embrace the full potential of digital acceleration in healthcare

Focus on helping people live longer, safer, and healthier while we turn your ideas into reality with technology.

Enable digital acceleration in healthcare and adapt to a fast-paced environment

From administrative management and cost reduction to patient diagnosis and treatment, technology-backed solutions can boost every aspect of healthcare. According to McKinsey, the major three roadblocks to digital transformation in the pharmaceutical and medical-technology industry are company culture and mindset, organizational structure, and governance. Since 2008, Netguru has worked on over 40 healthcare digitization projects, and we’re fully equipped to take care of yours.


Use technology to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment without the need for patients to visit hospital facilities and thus face a risk of infection.

Patient engagement

Collect and use data to increase patient engagement and adherence, and improve health outcomes as their knowledge, ability, and willingness to be treated increase.

Virtual doctors

Give patients quick answers to their questions while optimizing healthcare administrative costs at the same time.

Minimum Viable Product

Save resources by using technology for a quick and agile validation of a business idea.

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    The future of healthcare shaped by digital transformation

    Technology impacts every aspect of our lives, and plays a strategic role in healthcare. Digital transformation allows medical facilities to streamline their processes, optimize their work, collect, and analyze all kinds of data like never before. The wide adoption of mobile and wearable technologies offers a chance to provide healthcare solutions in the most convenient way.

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