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We offer 2 different ways to work on your project:

1) Fixed price project: Under this approach, we can work on your project based on your budget; before the start, we make a no-cost estimation of your projects and based on the budget, we can determine the scope of the project.
2) Staff Augmentation: With this approach, you can have a dedicated software developer working for you. Our method allows you to set up a team per demand, which means that you can select the developer based on their skills, seniority (experience), and time availability.

Our Project Leaders handle all the projects. They hand-select the most appropriate candidates for your project, so you don’t have to. Developers are selected based on their experience, personality, and location. Finally, you can choose to have your Certified Scrum Master (CSM) team leaders manage your project – saving you time and increasing productivity.

We do all this at a surprisingly low cost by combining the best developers from Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico with our U.S based team leaders.

Every U-Devs project is run through a time tracker tool that handles staffing, hours tracking, invoicing, and even project management (if you don’t already have your own issue tracker).

Alexander Morgan


CEO & Software Architect | Tech Speaker | Forbes business promises of LATAM

Alex is a successful risk-taker. he uses unique ways to determine what the issue needs and has the capability of tweaking her development methods accordingly. As a pragmatic leader and a realist, he can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. Alex is known as diligent and personable – two qualities that define him completely. As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude.